Educational Visits

Cornwall’s Regimental Museum is the perfect place for schools or other educational visits. We can offer a range of sessions in line with the National Curriculum. These include topics covering the Siege of Lucknow, WWI and WWII, and sessions can be tailored to your needs.

Our galleries tell many stories that provoke discussion, challenge attitudes, and explore themes of conflict and humanity.  The museum warmly welcomes a wide variety of young people of different abilities and interests.  We believe that a museum visit should be memorable, fun and inspiring.  We can provide activities for schools at all key stages and we offer flexible cross-curricular resources to suit each school.

We provide museum visits that make the most of being in our historic building and offer close contact with our collection, including handling historic material, story-telling and drama, creative writing and art. 

We have a large room available for lunch and workshops.

Information about the wide variety of different workshops that we offer is included in the booking form at the bottom of this page.  

To book a visit, please download and complete the booking form at the bottom of this page and return to [email protected]


St Petrocs School Visit to Cornwall's Regimental Museum - Home Front Day
A drum belonging to the Light infantry, featuring detailed artwork of the LI badge and countries visited
St Petrocs School Visit to Cornwall's Regimental Museum - Home Front Day
A uniform displaying the epaulette's and breast plate


Visit our ‘Testimonials’ page to find out what other groups have said about Educational Visits to Cornwall’s Regimental Museum.

Visit our Testimonials page

Extra information

Accessibility: Please see the Visit Us section of the website for information about the physical accessibility of the museum.

Arts Award: We’re an Arts Award supporter and are really keen to help pupils doing Arts Award at any level. 

Arts Award Supporter

Special Educational Needs:  We aim to be a great place for people with special needs.  Our staff and volunteers warmly welcome groups of young people with different needs and we can provide quiet spaces, an area for rest and lunch, and even special opening times to suit.  Please contact the Museum Director, Mary Godwin, to discuss your requirements email: [email protected] Tel: 01208 72810

Charges: We offer various programmes and workshops for educational groups, including self guided visits and tailor-made workshops.  Please contact us for details of charges.

Cornwall’s Regimental Museum is an independent registered charity, and all proceeds from educational activities support the work of the museum.

Nanstallon School Visits - Cornwall's Regimental Museum
Home Front - School Visits at Cornwall's Regimental Museum
Medals at Cornwall's Regimental Museum

Booking Enquiries & Resources

For more information or to book a visit, please download and complete the booking form below and return to [email protected]

Grants for school transport can be applied for from Cornwall Heritage Trust. For more information visit:



Young Curators

Could your students become ‘Young Curators’ at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum?

Taking part is easy, and we will turn your projects into professionally produced captions and put them on display in the museum!

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