New Digital Exhibition!

Voices of the Light Infantry

The Light Infantry regiment existed between 1968 and 2007 and many ex-servicemen from the regiment are still very much alive and kicking!  Each year we host the annual reunion of the Cornwall Light Infantry Association and a large part of the second floor of the museum is dedicated to the heritage of the regiment.  

In order to enrich our displays and increase understanding of the regiment, in 2017 we initiated a project to create a new exhibition about the Light Infantry and a digital video archive of memories.   We were fortunate to receive funding from the Armed Forces Community Covenant and Museum Development South West to bring in expert film-makers and we interviewed over 20 ex-servicemen.  

Hear the real life accounts of The Light Infantry, learn about ‘the brotherhood’, night watches, jungle tactics, rationing and how to bear the night watch and the mossies, amongst other fascinating insights into the regiment.  

The main film is playing daily in the Light Infantry Room within the museum and we also have interactive sound booths for  visitors to listen to a selection of short films which relate to the collections on display. 


Peice of the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall

The museum has a large section of the Berlin Wall on display.  This short film tells the inside story of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 from the perspective of the soldiers and their families.

Watch Fall of the Berlin Wall

Northern Ireland

The Light Infantry were in Northern Ireland during ‘The Troubles’.  This short film gives Light Infantryman Spanner Manley’s personal insight into ‘The Bigger Picture’ of what it was like to be there. 

Watch Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland - The Light Infantry collection at Cornwall's Regimental Museum

The Bugle

The bugle is a musical instrument that has played a huge role in the life of the military and the Light Infantry in particular.  Find out all about it in this short film.

Watch The Bugle