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The Light Infantry

Cornwall’s Regimental Museum is extremely proud to be the official home of the national Light Infantry collection.

Formerly held in Winchester, the collection was moved in 2010 on the formation of The Rifles Regiment, and was re-opened in Bodmin by Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra.

Our Aims:

To preserve the history and heritage of the Light Infantry, the collection which we hold, as well as the stories and memories of the men who served in the regiment.

To promote the collection far and wide, to ensure that the regiment lives on through future generations.

To maintain and display the collection in a fitting manner, and to add to and improve the collection wherever possible.

 Most importantly we aim to build a relationship with the men who served in the regiment, and their future generations.  We are keen to include Light Infantrymen in all kinds of ways, as we believe it is their collection and we are privileged to be taking care of it.

Were you a member of the LI?

We are always pleased to hear from former Light Infantrymen, and there are a number of ways that you can get involved with the museum and your collection.  We understand that due to distance or other factors not everyone is able to visit the collection in person, so we are striving to involve former members of the Light Infantry in as many alternative ways as possible.

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We are always pleased to hear from you.  You can contact us by email, telephone, or if you’re in the county why not pop in for a visit? Members of the LI, DCLI and SCLI are not charged an entry fee (although donations of any amount are always welcome, of course!)

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Cornwall’s Regimental Museum is committed to securing the future of the museum, telling our soldiers’ stories and celebrating the heritage of the Regiment – but we can’t do it without you.

We need your support. With the potential closure of the Rifles Office the museum will lose its administrative and financial support. Cuts to the Museum’s MOD funding are due to happen as early as 2025.

We have been working hard to offset our rising operating costs – In the past year we’ve seen a huge increase in visitors, donations, earned income and grants – but now we need to get the message out that we need your support.

There are a number of ways in which you can support us…

 Drop us a line to show your support:

We are always pleased to hear from former members of our Regiments and supporters of the museum, and your support means a lot to us.

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You could donate an object for us to add to the collection, second hand books or other items for us to sell, or make a monetary donation to help support the maintenance of the collections.  As a small registered charity every donation helps us in our aim to secure the future of the museum, care for our collections and tell our soldier’s stories.

Leave a Lasting Legacy:

Why not remember us with a gift in your Will?  As a small charity, any gift left to us, no matter how large or small, will make a huge difference.

You could also make an In Memoriam donation, which would allow us to honour someone special to you.

Your gifts and donations will help support the Light Infantry collection for generations to come.

Tell a friend:

We know there are many people who would be delighted to have an involvement with the Light Infantry collection.  Spread the word and help us to gather support!


If you have any other suggestions of ways in which you would like to be involved with the collection, or ways in which we could spread the message to other former members of the Light Infantry, please get in touch with us.


To find out more about the Light Infantry, visit:  http://www.lightinfantry.co.uk/

If you would like to find out more about other Army Museums in the UK, a good place to start is the website of the Army Museums Ogilby Trust (AMOT)  http://www.armymuseums.org.uk/trust.htm

The DCLI and LI  are also part of the ancestry of the current regiment, The Rifles.  To find out more about The Rifles, visit:  www.riflesmuseum.co.uk and www.theriflesnetwork.co.uk.

A Light Infantry Echelon Command Post in the Field
Military Vehicles a Saxon and a Puma
A Light Infantry Soldier with Spyglass


The Light Infantry was formed on 10 July 1968 from the four regular Light Infantry Battalions of The Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry, The Kings Own Yorkshire Light infantry, The King’s Shropshire Light infantry and The Durham Light Infantry and The Light Infantry Volunteers.

The Light Infantry Depot at Shrewsbury became The Light Infantry Depot.

The silver Bugle cap badge, drill from the ‘at ease’ position, rapid marching pace and green beret bear testimony to the Regiment’s ancestry.

Key distinctions of dress include a Red Backing for the cap badge from the DCLI, sashes tied to the right from the SCLI, The Inkerman chain from the DLI and white roses on Minden Day from the KOYLI. The Regiment also had the distinction of being excused from drinking a Loyal Toast – a privilege inherited from both the KSLI and the DLI.

The Light infantry joined with The Royal Green Jackets, the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment and The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment to form The Rifles on 1st Feb 2007.

Throughout its existence The Light Infantry served the Nation with distinction across the world in a wide variety of operational deployments. In doing so it established a reputation that was second to none in the British Army .

Regimental Mottoes:


Each of the following web links have been recommended to us by former Light Infantrymen.


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