Educational Visits


On this page you will find testimonials from educational groups who have visited the museum.  If you’d like to find out more about educational visits, please click the button below, or contact us.



Student Feedback - 2017


“We had a welcoming, hands-on, friendly, fun packed experience, (it is a museum I would recommend to everyone).”



“There were lots of activities that kept us interested and occupied that I don’t think we would have got at any other museum.  The ‘hands on’ experiences with the guns and old clothing were really fun and interesting…”



“It was so interesting to know that we were walking through the same gateway as the young men who went to war.”



“…it was a lovely surprise to have a delicious biscuit and a refreshing drink (the custard creams were my favourite).”



“…I know so much more about WW1 now thanks to you.  It was so easy to learn everything I did because of the way you taught us.”



“…you were very friendly and fun so we felt we could ask lots of questions (and you always had the answers).”



“I had an unreal time and would love to come again soon!”


Thank you from Nanstallon School!


St Hilary School

“I wanted to write and thank you and everyone at the museum for the amazing experience you provided our children on the 17th March, 2017.

The activities were perfect in pitch, length and complexity and provided a really well considered balance between hands on practical activities, discussion and teaching time. The children could not fail to learn and enjoy the process at the same time!

I also wanted to say thank you for the trust you placed in the children with your museum and mature, fun and friendly manner you treated them with – in their words they treated us like old friends! It was the friendly relaxed atmosphere, sense of fun and range of experiences that made it such a worthwhile experience (the fresh coffee and biscuits definitely helped as well!)

The children have written thank you letters, which I have put in the post today and the effort and the pride they took in writing them is testament to the success of you planning, preparation and delivery of our visit – I hope you enjoy them.

I will continue to recommend your museum to friends, family, staff and other schools and wish you continued success. I hope to repeat the topic completed this term next year so I may well be contacting you then to plan a repeat visit.”

Rob Hamshar
St Hilary School

A thank you letter written by a student of St Hilary's School after their visit to Cornwall's Regimental Museum
A thank you letter written by a student of St Hilary School after their visit in March 2017.

Nanstallon School

Students from Nanstallon School visited to learn about the Siege of Lucknow, and were inspired to write stories based on what they had learned during their visit. The stories were entered into a creative writing competition, and the museum’s education volunteer, Jenny Simmons visited the school to present the winning writings with certificates (pictured below).


Download the winning stories here


Nanstallon School Visits - Cornwall's Regimental Museum