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The museum holds exhibitions each year to bring the collection to life and tell new stories. These exhibitions are often curated by people from the community, bringing fresh perspectives and insight.  

We aim to put information about current and past exhibitions online to create a lasting legacy and provide a resource for people who are unable to visit us in person.

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The Trench

Rory Wilton, Trench, WW1, Immersive Theatre, Bodmin Keep

The Trench Project

As part of Cornwall’s 1st World War commemorations, we mounted a major immersive theatre and exhibition project.  Two years of research and planning cumulated in a month of performances in June and July 2018.  

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Voices of The Light Infantry

Voices of the Light Infantry

We have created a new gallery and films all about the Light Infantry.

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Light Infantry Buglers 1979, Bodmin Keep, Cornwall's Regimental Museum

Museum Objects in 3D

Thanks to a grant from Cornwall Museums Partnership (CMP) we were able to commission Tom Goskar, from the Curatorial Research Centre to produce 10 3D scans of objects from our museum displays. 

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School for Spies

In 1951 the abandoned World War 2 Walker Lines military camp in Bodmin suddenly became alive with activity again. Because of the Cold War and the political uncertainty between the West and Soviet Russia, it had been decided that National Servicemen should be taught Russian so that should it be required, they could undertake monitoring and espionage work. Students were taught many military terms alongside the more common day-to-day vocabulary, so that they could listen in on Russian conversations.

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