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The museum and its collections have been developed over many years by dedicated people with a love of the Regiments. It stands as a testament to the soldiers who have served over the centuries. Looking to the future, our vision is to take the museum onto even greater things and make it a great place for learning about our Regimental heritage.

Staff and Volunteers -Cornwall's Regimental Museum
Behind the scenes - Collections Manager Verity - Cornwall's Regimental Museum
Spingo our museum dog and Mary the museum director sitting on the war memorial with the museum in the background

Educate, entertain and inspire

We want to educate, entertain and inspire a broad range of people of all ages. We want to develop the museum so that it is recognised as a leader in Cornwall and in the nation’s military heritage. We also aim to make a real contribution to the wellbeing and economy of our local community and county, and to our military family.

To realise our vision we need to...

Secure the future finances of the museum and make it sustainable in the long-term. To do this, we are focusing on making the museum more accessible, appealing and relevant to a wide range of visitors, and on gathering the support of those connected to the Regiments.

The museum relies on many people; our trustees, volunteers and staff

A photo of museum trustees and acqaintances

The current Trustees of the museum are:

Charles Edward-Collins: Chairman

Gage Williams

Giles Clotworthy

Edward Bolitho

Richard Trant

Lucy Orr

Michael Rescorle

Sarah Fitzgerald

Hugo White

James Hodgson


Some of Our Staff & Volunteers

Spingo our museum dog and Mary the museum director sitting on the war memorial with the museum in the background

Mary Godwin

Museum Director

I joined the museum as its first Director in October 2015.  I have worked in museums as a curator, advisor and director for nearly 30 years.  In a world of uncertainty about future funding, my job is to raise the profile of the museum, increase audiences and lead us to a more sustainable and secure future. 

Email: [email protected]

A member of staff

Rhonda Seymour


I started as a volunteer at the Museum back in 1989. I worked with Hugo White, who was Curator at the time, documenting 100s of photographs that had lain in the attic for years. This project, in part, gave me the confidence to apply to University as a mature student and study for a History Degree.  Later, whilst working as a Civil Servant, I transferred back to the Museum building in 2007, in the role of Admin Officer.

Email: [email protected]

Major Hugo White

Hugo White

Volunteer Regimental Historian

I served as an infantry soldier for thirty years, never regretting my chosen profession for a single day.  Working as a volunteer in the Regimental Museum has given me the chance to repay some of the loyalty and friendship accorded me by my soldiers during my service.
Over the years I have developed a knowledge of military history, and that of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry in particular. Making use of our outstanding reference library. I am glad to answer enquiries concerning former soldiers.

Email: [email protected] 

Verity Anthony Cornwall's Regimental Museum

Verity Anthony

Visitor Experience and Collections Manager

I’ve only been at the museum since December 2016, so I’m learning a lot, and fast. Being responsible for the visitor aspects of the museum and its collection means I get to see the wide scope of the museum and its possibilities. Whether it’s stocking the shop, meeting visitors, learning about our collections, or accepting objects, every day in my role brings something new.

Email: [email protected] 

Linda Sawyer Volunteer at Cornwall's Regimental Museum

Linda Sawyer

Visitor Services Volunteer

I started volunteering at the museum this year (2017), thanks to my neighbour who told me about it.  I have been in customer service for quite a few years and love the shop work.  I really enjoy getting the chance to speak to visitors about their interest in the museum and hearing the stories about their families. Everyone has made me feel very welcome, and it’s a great place to visit, so come and see us here at the museum!

Kerry Trudgeon

Volunteer Coordinator / Duty Manager

I started volunteering at the museum in 2016 so I’m fairly new to the museum. After meeting with a careers advisor, they suggested it would be a great way to gain experience and plug a gap in my CV.  I love the charm and character of the old building and find the historical side fascinating.  The mix of skills, age and personalities of the staff and volunteers, make it a very exciting and rewarding place to work, and I look forward to what the future holds.

Email: [email protected]

Maintenance Volunteer John O'Neill - Cornwall's Regimental Museum

John O'Neill

Maintenance Volunteer

I first visited the museum in 2011 to have a look around, but having met some lovely people I returned again with my Dad’s service number to try to find out where he served, as he was in the DCLI for 7 years from 1939 to 1946. I decided to volunteer first for one day a week, and now I do two as I found so much to see, and as a volunteer I am able to handle most of the exhibits (with care and gloves) in my role as general handy man, and help to rearrange many of the exhibits. I love cleaning guns, we have about 200.  There are so many different jobs, each day is something new, and there are loads of coffee and biscuits, sometimes even cakes!


Sophie Hodge

Project Manager: Marketing, Friends and Legacies

Since studying wartime and post-war literature at university I have worked in various stately homes around Cornwall.  I have always loved Cornwall’s Regimental Museum, and after initially coming here to volunteer I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to apply for my current position. Being the first Marketing person for this wonderful small charity and museum is an interesting challenge, but one which I thoroughly enjoy.  Through my work with friends and legacies I have become passionate about the national Light Infantry collection, and aim to build relationships between the museum and our LI supporters worldwide.

Email: [email protected]


Desk Volunteer Linda Farnham - Cornwall's Regimental Museum

Linda Farnham

Visitor Services Volunteer

I started volunteering in August 2016 the same month I left a stressful job and moved to Bodmin from East Devon. I love History, studying it both at college and university. I am generally a gregarious person and this role at the reception desk/shop allowed me to meet & greet visitors, chat about the museum or anything else & at the same time give me a sense of ‘belonging’. The team of staff & volunteers are so friendly, supportive and knowledgeable.  I have found volunteering so fulfilling. The museum is evolving & it is great to be part of this evolution. I am hoping to get involved with the education/schools program where I can inspire children to cherish the past and use it to shape their future. If you have a few hours to spare, volunteer & you will learn a lot, make new friends and be part of something worthwhile.

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