Our Military Family

Our Military Ancestry

The museum is strongly connected to its military family past and present. 

Our home is The Keep, historic home of the Army in Cornwall .

The museum’s collections tell the stories of two former regiments – the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (DCLI) and the Light Infantry (LI).  These regiments no longer exist operationally but are very much alive for the soldiers, officers and families who served with them.  It’s our job to keep the heritage of these regiments alive and share their stories with as many people as possible.

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A military cap featuring the DCLI cap badge.
A Photograph featuring badges on the arm a military jacket
A drum belonging to the Light infantry, featuring detailed artwork of the LI badge and countries visited
Union Jack Flag bearing insignia and crown of George III

The Light Infantry

Cornwall’s Regimental Museum is the proud home of the national Light Infantry collection, including the LI Archives.  Visit our Light Infantry Page to read about the Light Infantry collection, and how former Light Infantrymen can get involved.

Light Infantry


If you are looking for links to help you with military history or army ancestor Research, please see the Research section of this website for a comprehensive list of links.