Guidelines and Patterns for the Handmade Poppy Project

Cornwall's Regimental Museum fun palaces 2017 - Poppies for the DCLI


For those wishing to get involved with the handmade poppy project, this post will give you further details about how to create or donate a poppy to us for the project.

If you’ve landed here by accident, you can find out all about our WW1 Handmade Poppy Tribute here.

Your poppies will be used to create a poignant exhibition to commemorate the men of Cornwall who died during the First World War.



You are welcome to express you creativity in any way you like, and we would love each poppy to be completely unique, but there are just a couple of guidelines for the poppies that we would ask you to follow.

Poppies must be:

Handmade in any textile medium

Up to 4.5 inches in width

Ready to fasten – a simple fastening such as a safety pin on the back is absolutely fine.

In terms of style and design, it’s up to you! Many of the poppies which have been contributed already are knitted, and we have some impressive felted and embroidered poppies, as well as paper poppies made by local Scout groups. You don’t have to be very skilled, and your poppy doesn’t have to be a masterpiece (although some of them undoubtedly are!) – just get involved!  Every poppy is appreciated, and we’d love to see what you can come up with!



You can use any pattern that you like – or freestyle! – it’s up to you entirely.

We have received knitted, felted, paper and crocheted poppies, some with beads or embroidery and some plain, but every single poppy is appreciated.




Crochet Poppy Patterns


Knitted Poppy Patterns


Remembrance Day Knit & Crochet Patterns


Knit a Small Poppy


The 5000 Poppies website has a huge selection of different patterns for different mediums

Please note that these patterns are suggested as a guide only, and ownership of the patterns is as stated on the individual websites.  If you’d like to suggest a pattern which you think could be useful to other crafters, please contact us, and we will add it to the list.


We have received poppies from as far afield as Spain and the USA, and welcome poppies from anywhere in the world, whether you have a connection to Cornwall or not.  For local crafters, JJ Lee Wool Shop in Bodmin’s Market Arcade have kindly offered to give anyone donating poppies to us a reduced price on their poppy wool.



Once you have made your poppies, please send or deliver them along with your name, contact details and any dedications, to:

Cornwall’s Regimental Museum
The Keep
PL31 1EG


The deadline for poppies is September 2018. 


Cornwall's Regimental Museum's Handmade Poppy Project


If you’d like to arrange for your knitting or sewing circle, or group of craft enthusiasts to come to the museum we would love to have you!  Similarly, we would love to host a ‘sponsored poppy knit’ or a sharing skills session – if you’d like to suggest an idea just get in touch!

Keep an eye on our Events pages for poppy crafting events taking place in Spring 2018.


Twenty bright red handmade Poppies for Cornwall's Regimental Museum arranged against some WW1 era books in the library
Handmade Poppies for Cornwall’s Regimental Museum

If you are interested in finding out about a relative who served with the DCLI or LI, please have a look at our Research Page.

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