'Somme of the boys' from 7 DCLI during the First World War - image credit Cornwall's Regimental Museum
August 1, 2018 Exhibition

Exhibition: The Trench Bodmin

As part of Cornwall’s First World War commemorations in 2018, Collective Arts, Cornwall’s Regimental Museum and Bodmin & Wenford Railway... Read More

Twenty bright red handmade Poppies for Cornwall's Regimental Museum arranged against some WW1 era books in the library
November 7, 2018 Exhibition

Exhibition: Passing Bells.

A Handmade Poppy tribute Last year the museum embarked on an ambitious project to collect 9,687 handmade poppies – one... Read More

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November 9, 2018 Events

A Film Night to Remember

Join us for a film night to remember. We will be hosting a special film night to commemorate the Armistice... Read More