New Exhibition – Music, Military and Morale

The Commanding Officer's Bugle at Cornwall's Regimental Museum

Start date: April 13, 2019

End date: August 3, 2019

Time: 10:00 - 17:00

Location: Cornwall's Regimental Museum

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Music, Military & Morale – A new exhibition exploring the role of music in the military.

The role of music in the military and the way in which civilian and military music interact with each other is a fascinating but overlooked subject, with music often missing from military histories. Cornwall’s Regimental Museum is aiming to redress the balance with the opening of its latest exhibition, Music, Military and Morale.

Curated by the Citizen Curators

The exhibition, curated by the Citizen Curators project, looks at music within the military and its relationship with civilian music from the Siege of Lucknow in 1857 right up to the present day. There are some remarkable objects to discover: the drum that survived the Siege of Lucknow and made it back to Bodmin, a Christmas card with a musical design made in a German prisoner of war camp, a First World War book of soldiers’ songs, recently discovered in a charity shop in Portugal…to name just a few. Also waiting to be uncovered are the stories of D.C.L.I. musicians and their dual role as musicians and soldiers.

The DCLI Boys: The old Cornish war song uncovered in the archives.

Of course, an exhibition about music has to include music. Music, Military and Morale features opportunities to listen to music including a recently rediscovered Cornish song from the First World War. Visitors can learn about and test their knowledge of bugle calls and try out a bugle for themselves, and a piano will be available for anyone to play.

Museum Director, Mary Godwin, said;

“This is an exciting exhibition that presents its subject in an imaginative and interactive way. It combines stories of music, musicians, soldiers and civilians and should appeal to both new and regular visitors to the museum.”

Music, Military and Morale  is NOW OPEN at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum with entry included in the usual admission price.

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Music Military and Morale Exhibition, poster, Bodmin Keep
Music Military and Morale Exhibition, Bodmin Keep